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Hospitality, Travel, Tourism

From strategic planning and branding to messaging and marketing communications, RLB Marketing helps its clients drive leads and convert them into sales. With more than three decades of direct experience in hospitality, travel and tourism, we have developed a niche serving clients in these industries. However, we have also successfully leveraged our strategic planning, sales and marketing skills to assist businesses and organizations from a variety of other industries.

American Music Theater
A 1,600-seat theatre in Lancaster, Pennsylvania that hosts more than 300 live concerts and performances each year: from Broadway shows to rock concerts and comedy club performers to today's hottest country music concerts. American Music Theatre was looking for an assessment of its sales and marketing efforts and a strategic marketing plan to increase group tourism. We also assisted with staff training, direct sales, creation of marketing materials and product development.
Kitchen Kettle Village
A shopping, dining and getaway destination in the heart of Lancaster County featuring 42 shops, two restaurants, and 17 guest rooms, Kitchen Kettle Village was looking for an assessment of its branding and marketing efforts targeting leisure and group tour visitors. The assessment included an audit of product offerings, pricing, target customers, customer data, competitive offerings, and current sales and marketing strategies and tactics. The assessment led to increased visitation and better tracking through enhanced data collection and analysis as well as expanded sales and marketing efforts targeting group tour operators.
1000 Islands
With the increase of Foreign Independent Travel (FIT) to the U.S., providing an understanding of this market is imperative to success including partnerships, contract development, operator requests and guest expectations. FIT guests want the value and benefit of traveling as a group, but the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the destination at their personal leisure. The 1000 Islands, a premier outdoor vacation destination located on the border of New York and southeastern Ontario, turned to RLB Marketing for guidance. An assessment and one-day workshop provided regional partners with an understanding of this unique market, especially operator needs and guest expectations, and its opportunities to grow visitation by attracting new visitors and lengthening its season.
Turkey Hill Experience
Developed a group sales strategic plan to promote group tourism to the Turkey Hill Experience including staff training, direct sales, marketing materials, product development and two familiarization tours, resulting in a 21% increase in sales and an 85% increase in advanced reservations.
Hershey’s Chocolate World
Hired to lead proactive group sales efforts for Hershey’s Chocolate World to include the International, Student and Group Tour Market. Trade show attendance, sales missions, marketing materials, internal processes and a strategic plan have been developed to drive group arrivals. Volume increased by over 300 buses in the first six months of being hired.
Peddler’s Village
A 42-acre, outdoor shopping development in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, featuring more than 60 retail shops, full and quick-service restaurants, a 66 room hotel and a family entertainment center. We developed a plan to promote group tourism to Peddler’s Village including direct sales appointments, marketing materials, and familiarization tours.
Development and execution of a plan to increase group tourism to venues owned and operated by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, Hershey Foundation and Hershey Company. Duties included strategic planning, marketing, staff training in group tourism and direct sales to operators throughout Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Tourism
Served as Project Director for a public/private partnership to strengthen Pennsylvania’s position as a premier travel destination with consistent branding and strategic marketing.